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Mail Master script description:

Publisher review:
Mail Master is a Web-Based E-Mail Management Software. Mail Master is a practical bulk email marketing software tool which allows you to create and send permission-based e-mail communications to customers, subscribers, team members, and prospects.

With Mail Master you can:
- Design and send newsletters
- Promote new products
- Make special offers
- Notify and remind of meetings
- Release updates
- Announce corporate events
- Issue event invitations
- Send Holiday Greetings!
Mail Master is tightly integrated with Contact Manager and utilizes its powerful functions: Contact Lists based on different criteria, Sign-Up Form with double opt-in subscription, automated unsubscribe, etc.

Mail Master can be efficiently used to create and manage email marketing campaigns, help you to establish your branding, and build strong customer relationships.

Key Features:
- WYSIWYG Editor
- Collaborative design
- Message Templates
- HTML and TEXT versions
- File attachments
- Instant & Scheduled sending
- Customizable Sender options
- Double Opt-In subscription
- Automated unsubscribe
- Private and shared mailing lists
- Easy to use and elegant design
Mail Master Features

Compose message using HTML Editor Mail Master has a powerful HTML Editor that allows you to compose your messages in a WYSIWIG mode (What You See Is What You Get). HTML Editor has an intuitive, easy to use interface which does not require any special skills or HTML knowledge.

Personalize messagesYou can insert into your messages variables which will be dynamically replaced by the actual values in those fields at the time you send messages. Variables allow you to personalize messages addressed to your recipients. You can insert customer first name, last name, company name, address and any other field which is stored in contact database.

Organize messages in folders You can create folder hierarchy which meets your requirements. Every folder may contain as many messages as you need. Arrange messages and templates to make it convenient for collaborative design and shared access. You can move messages from one folder to another at any time.

Navigating message list is easy and familiar. Toolbar panel with buttons (Folder…, Message…, View…) allows easy access to all commands and functions.

Send NOW or Send Later Schedule your message immediately or in the future. Send Later function allows you to specify date and time when you want your message to be sent. This message will receive “pending” status, and will actually be sent at the date/time you have scheduled.

This powerful yet simple function allows you to organize your advertising campaign in advance. For instance, you can schedule a number of sequential weekly newsletters for an upcoming month or schedule sending a Thanksgiving Card to your customers and employees.

Send to contacts, user groups or multiple contact listsWhen you send a message, Mail Master allows you to select recipients from your Contact Manager database, e.g. expressly select certain contacts, user groups, or entire contact lists.

You may create contact lists based on different criteria. You may easily manipulate your recipient lists depending on contents and purpose of your message.

Sending messages to existing database of your recipients If you already have a list of your subscribers, customers, employees or other contacts, simply import this list to your Contact Manager and you are ready to send messages from Mail Master with one click.

Permission-based sending to your subscribers Mail Master can use automated opt-in lists of subscribers to send messages. Just create a customizable Sign-Up Form using Contact Manager, and place it on your website. All subscribers who fill in this Sign-Up Form and confirm (double opt-in) their subscription are automatically included in one of multiple contact lists.

Subscription Management You may include Manage Your Subscription link in messages which you send to subscribers. Using this link, every subscriber can modify her name stored in your database or just unsubscribe from receiving further messages.

Customizing Sender parametersEvery message issued by Mail Master has mandatory From, Reply-To and Return-Path parameters. You can create multiple Sender accounts and expressly specify sender every time you send message. It allows you to personalize sender for every advertising campaign.

Share folders with other usersYou can customize personal or group permissions for every folder to share it with other users. Organize shared access to messages and provide collaborative processing, e.g. design, sending and further management.

As with every WebAsyst application, there are three levels of user/group access rights in each folder:R (Read) - can list and read messages in this folderW (Write) - can add/edit/delete/send messages from this folderF (Folder) - can add/edit/delete/send messages, modify folders and permissionsYou can see a list of all users and groups that share access to your folder as well as their access rights. This adds a measure of confidence when you are manipulating messages in folders.
Mail Master is a PHP script for HTML Mail scripts design by WebAsyst LLC. It runs on following operating system: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris.

Operating system:
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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